Husni Khuffash

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Oasis500, Husni Khuffash

It was really great and fulfilling engagement for me and for the startup that I was lucky to work with. I promise you it was more than just giving advice here and there, or meeting in weekly rhythm, it is a two ways discussion and challenging approaches, ideas, ways of going to market with smart, sharp and full of energy individuals.

I thought it will be a learning and giving experience and guidelines, no I was wrong. It was rethinking and getting push back all of the time (most of the time I managed to convince them).

I am proud of the startups that I was engaged with and most of these startups are close friends or companies I am an investor and board member with the founders.

Feeling proud of each one of them and what they are achieving daily, companies like Zaytouneh, Gallery Al Sharq, Gate express and others are shining start and sure they will still in the start of a great journey, Thank you Oasis 500 for this opportunity to get engaged to the most talented individuals in our country and the region.

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